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Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy

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Jason Yan

Hi all. Yan here. Give me a few moments here to explain the various different platforms we have at MSTMA and how I personally use them to provide you a rigorous education as we are learning from home:
  • Schoology ( - This is the main page you should go to for updates, homework, and quizzes/tests in the class. Your grades for each assignment and any direct messages (DMs) I send to the class or you, will be through Schoology. In the case that Zoom is down, I will use Schoology's conferences to connect to the class for live lessons. One benefit of Schoology's Conference is that I can record lessons directly to Schoology, allowing students who missed the lesson to review the lesson in video form. A drawback is that students cannot see each other through this app - no student video sharing is enabled.
  • Zoom ( - Zoom is a service/app that provides direct video conferencing for the class. This will be the main direct instruction tool I will be using with the class this year. In Zoom, we are able to see each other through the camera lens on our devices, which provides non-verbal communication to the class for a variety of things. The main drawback of Zoom is that there is limited video ability and capacity to record directly to the cloud should you miss a class.
  • ( - This is the site you are on. My personal webpage for students is here and I will be using this website to host media (images and videos) we use for the class. Given Schoology's limited bandwidth and YouTube's strange algorithms, I will use this site for class videos and lessons I create for the class.
  • ALEKS ( - ALEKS is actually integrated into your Schoology account. Go to my course and on the bottom left navigation frame, you should be able to see ALEKS and log in. ALEKS is a math tutoring/practice website for developing and refining your math skills.
  • Desmos ( and - Desmos is an online graphing calculator that can be used for a variety of graphical applications. Two links are provided here. The student link is used when we use Desmos for class math activities and investigations. The second link is for when you would like to just graph problems out and there is no class activity component.
  • Google Classroom ( - In the event that everything from Schoology goes down, Google Classroom will be the website I will use for gradebook purposes and to post up notifications. This is highly unlikely.

Math jokes geek me out.

Savors puzzles and riddles.

Thankful for the joy

Magnet has infused me with.

A bit below normal height.